Ferries From The UK

The UK might be an island, but driving your car across to Europe isn't a problem thanks to plenty of ferry services that operate from its shores. This article details the services that operate from the UK. It covers the following operators - P&O, Seafrance, LD Lines, Condor Ferries, Brittany Ferries, Stena Line,Irish Ferries, Norfolk Line and Transmanche Ferries.

While flights are often a quicker way of getting to your destination, ferry travel brings the advantage of being able to take your car packed with luggage from door to door. As well as bring back any purchases made on your trip. There are a large number of destinations to choose from and ferry prices can be very competitive these days.

Finding your routes

Below is a fairly comprehensive list of routes to popular European destinations. Routes alter over time and with the seasons, so do check by going to the appropriate web sites.

Company From To Fastest Crossing Frequency
P&O Dover Calais 90 mins 22 per day
LD Lines Dover Boulogne 1hr 45m 2 per day
LD Lines– Fastferry Dover Boulogne 1hr 6 day
LD Lines Dover Dieppe 5.25 hrs 1 per day
Norfolk Line Dover Dunkirk 2hr 12 day
Seafrance Dover Calais 1.5 hr 15 day
Eurotunnel Folkestone Calais 35m 53
Transmanche Newhaven Dieppe 4hr 2 per day
Brittany Ferries Poole Cherbourg 2.25 / 4.5 hr 3 day
Brittany Ferries Poole Caen 3.75 / 6 hr 4 day
Brittany Ferries Poole St Malo 9 hr 1 day
Condor Ferries Poole St Malo 4.5 hr 1 day
Condor Ferries Poole Cherbourg 4.5 hr 1 day
Brittany Ferries Portsmouth Cherbourg 3 hr 1 day
Condor Ferries Portsmouth Cherbourg 5.5 hr 1 week