Comparison Study - Parking at Stansted Airport

The study below is for Airport Parking at Stansted between 2nd to 17th Oct 2009.


Site Type Price Parking Description
Parkatmyhouse Independent 40.50 Driveway of house
airport-parking-shop Comparison 54.50 BCP Long Stay
Holiday Extras Broker 54.50 Long Stay
Airport-Parking Broker 54.50 Long Stay
Gosimply Broker 54.50 Long Stay
Essential Travel Broker 54.50 Long Stay
compare-airport-parking Comparison 59.00 BCP & Holiday extras – Long Stay
Ardent Independent 66.00 Economy
APH Broker 85.00 Aardvark - Meet and Greet
FHR Broker 105.00 Meteor - Meet and greet

Hotel & Parking

Site Type Price Parking Description
Superbreaks Broker 59.00 Hotel 1 night + Parking
Holiday Extras Broker 89.00 Hotel 1 night + Parking
compare-airport-parking Broker 89.00 Hotel 1 night + Parking



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