Budget Hotel Chains In The UK And France

Prices for budget hotel rooms are dropping all the time. As people travel more in their work and leisure a new breed of hotel chain is taking over from the traditional guesthouses and bed & breakfast hotels. I’ll leave the decision to you, as to whether you think that’s a good or bad thing. This article looks briefly at the hotel chains that are developing to service the growing demand.

UK- Budget hotel chains:

The two biggest players in the UK budget hotel market are Travelodge and Premier Inn. Between them they reportedly account for 60% of the market. However, other chains are growing and developing their market share.

The budget chains provide consistent quality at good prices. The main UK chains are listed below with the search sites that cover them:

Hotel Chain Description Comparison Site

A rapidly growing chain of 350+ hotels. Have great offers with rooms from £9 per room a night if you book well in advance during one of their sales. Prices for non-sale rooms are typically £40 - £55 per night.


Premier inn

The UK’s largest budget chain with around 530 hotels, though I tend to find their prices aren’t that budget with their best rates often in short supply. Rooms tend to start from £50 per night. Though more typically rooms are around £70 - £80 per night.

Priceline, Booking.com

Holiday Inn Express

Around 100 hotels. Prices start from £40 per room. Typical prices range from around £50 - £110.

Priceline, Booking.com

Innkeeper’s Lodge

Around 92 inns around the UK with prices starting at £30. Prices are typically £50 - £80.



Around 15 hotels in the UK, more worldwide. Small, but functional rooms that typically hold 3 people. Prices are typically £30 – £40.


Easy Hotel

The Easyjet has moved into hotels. Only 6 exist in the UK at the moment, but they are growing. Prices are typically £25 – £35, but are subject to additional costs for many things regarded as standard such as TV.

Priceline, Booking.com


Over 100 hotels throughout the UK. Prices from around £40 per room, though typically in the £50 – £60 range.

Priceline, Booking.com


France - Budget hotel chains:

In France the two biggest hotel chains are:


Run hotels under the brands of ETAP, Formule 1, IBIS, Mercure, Novotel, Sofitel, Suitehotel and Thalassa. The central Accor website will list hotels at all of its brands. They also tend to be listed on both Priceline, Booking.com.

Louvre Hotels

Run hotels under the brands of Bleu Marine, Campanile, Climate, Kyriad, Kyriad Prestige, Nuit Hotel, and Premiere Classe. The central Louvre Hotels website will list hotels at all of its brands.  They also tend to be listed on both Priceline, Booking.com.

France also has quite a few small and medium sized cheap hotel chains. These include:

Hotel Chain Description Comparison Site

About 30 hotels throughout France varying in type and price.

Priceline, Booking.com

B&B Hotel

204 hotels in France and Germany.

None found.


110 hotels throughout France, Belgium Germany.

Priceline, Booking.com

Best Hotel

About 20 hotels. Mainly on the west side of France. Stretching from north to south coast.


Bonsai Hotel

Small chain with 8 hotels.


Brit Hotel

70 hotels in France.



Network of hotels throughout France.

Priceline, Booking.com

Logi De France

Large number of independent hotels.

Marmotte Hotels

About 30 hotels in northern France.

Priceline, Booking.com

Quick Palace

26 hotels throughout France.

Priceline, Booking.com

Stars Hotels

19 Budget hotels, part of a larger hotel group.



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