Finding Great Hotel Deals

Is staying away from home the new going out? More and more people are taking advantage of cheap hotel deals to get away from home. This article looks at how to find the best UK and European hotel deals for your stay away.

When hunting for bargain hotel accommodation there are 3 key areas that I recommend you check on the web.

  1. Comparison sites
  2. Broker sites

If you’ve got more time to check hotel prices and deals then other options to be checked include:

  1. Special offers and vouchers
  2. Tourist offices
  3. Other accommodation options

1. Comparison sites

My top 3 recommended comparison sites for finding cheap hotels deals are:

Trivago I like the way this site highlights what the main brokers charge, and how those charges vary. Reminds me why I’m searching via comparison sites in the first place. Coverage includes the Innkeeper’s Lodge hotel chain that other sites tend to miss.

Travelsupermarket Excellent site that covers a broad selection of broker, and hotel chains.

Hotelscombined Simple to use site, that allows you to filter by hotel star ratings and facilities.


Another site that seems to be quite good is halfpricehotels, this lists the Travelodge and Innkeeper’s Lodge hotels which many comparison sites don’t cover. I would include it in the list above, but I do find the site sometimes suffers from technical issues also the range of hotels it lists at present is small.

2. Broker sites

Particularly recommended broker sites for checking hotel deals are:

Laterooms Used to specialise in late availability, though in recent years also covers longer-term bookings. An easy to use site that often comes back with some of the best-priced deals.

Priceline Similar range of hotels to, but sometimes beats it on rates, other times not. So it’s worth checking both.

Priceline also has a facility that allows you to bid for hotel rooms. You specify where, when, quality and how much you’re willing to pay and it will see if any hotels are willing to accept your offer for a room. You may be lucky or not. If not then just try again at a higher price.

3. Offers

Some of the larger chains regularly advertise special offers in the newspapers to sell of excess capacity. One of the best places to look for these is at the Money Saving Expert site, which maintains a list of hotel offers.

If you are booking one of the big chain hotels then it’s sometimes worth checking the discount voucher sites to see if there are any offers. For instance the codes site currently has vouchers for 25% off at several of the larger chain hotels if booked 2 weeks in advance. Have a look at other voucher code sites such as Myvouchercodes, Everyday, Voucherstar, or UKVouchercode.

4. Tourist offices

Local tourist office web sites are useful as they can help you identify smaller independent hotels that may not appear on comparison or broker websites. The best place to find a tourist information site is via a search engine such as Google. These smaller independent hotels often have the uniqueness, charm and personal service that larger hotels lack.

5. Other accommodation options

Have a look at my separate articles on hostels, bunkhouses and camping barns. These can provide very good quality cheap accommodation in your own rooms whether you’re a solo traveler, couple or group.

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