Airport Information

Wanting to find out more about airports, such as the public transport options, available restaurants, or distance from the centre of town? This article looks at what you can find out about airports.

The article covers:

  1. Airport websites
  2. Sleeping at airports / long stopovers
  3. Departure boards

1. Airport websites

Interested in what facilities are available at an airport be it for yourself or maybe your luggage / travel items? Alternatively maybe you are looking to find websites for public transport to the airport. The websites below are likely to be of use:

World Airport Guide Guides on a large number of world airports providing brief info on public transport, transfers between terminals, location (how close to city), facilities – eating, drinking, hotels, luggage, money, disabled travellers.
A-Z of world airports More stats based, such as length of runways, how many passengers fly a year, airlines who fly from airport, cargo facilities
Airline Quality Looking for reviews on airports, to see what others say about them. Then this is a good site to start.

2. Sleeping at airports / long stopovers

Flying on a budget and need to save on a hotel for the night? Then investigate one of the sites out there that cover sleeping at different airports around the world.

Sleeping in Airports It seems there’s a whole community out there who have been sharing advice, tips and experiences of sleeping at airports.

3. Departure boards

Flight Stats Specify your airport and this site will come back with lots of information such as current departure and arrival info, weather conditions, as well as allowing you to read and post airport reviews.

Helping you on your journey.

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