Researching airlines

Maybe you’ve found a flight and don’t recognise the airline, or you have a particular requirement such as wanting the most legroom possible on your journey. There are plenty of sites out there to find helpful information. This article looks at web sites out there to help you research airlines.

The article covers:

  1. Airline reviews
  2. Where ( budget) airlines fly - country / resorts.
  3. Airline food
  4. Seat gaps (leg space) / best seats
  5. Airline list / their websites
  6. Airline safety records

1. Airline reviews

Do you want to see what others think of an airline? There are several sites out there that allow people to post reviews on airlines. Remember it’s more likely to be people who’ve just had a bad experience who are posting, than someone who flew from A to B with no problems.

Good sites for checking or posting airline reviews are:

Airline quality Reviews and ratings for airlines, also covers airports, seating

2. Where airlines fly

Maybe you want to go to a particular destination and would like to see what airlines fly there, or you want to see where budget airlines fly to. There are several sites out there that can help. If the airline you are looking for isn’t covered by one, then try one of the other sites.

Good sites for checking where airlines fly are:

Airline Destinations Handy site that lists the different destinations reachable from different UK regions.

3. Airline meals

In the old days, one of the perks of flying was seeing what you got as the airline meal. Some meals were quite nice, while others left you wondering what it was that you’d just been served. With the advent of budget airlines, free food on short haul flights is slowly disappearing; however, most airlines still provide some sort of in flight meal or service, even if it’s for an additional fee now.

Good sites for checking on airline food reviews are:

Airlinemeals Descriptions, pictures and reviews of in flight meals.

4. Seat gaps (legroom) and best seats

On a long haul flight the seat gap or legroom can be an important factor for many people. A 24 hr flight isn’t much fun if you’re cramped into a seat with very restricted legroom, so it might be worth flying with an airline that provides more space as standard.Alternatively you might be checking in online for a flight and want to work out the best seats to choose.

Good sites for checking on airline gaps and the best seats are:

Seatguru Gives seat pitch, width as well as marking on a diagram the best / worst seats to pick.

5. Airline websites

Looking for the website for a particular airline? Then for a comprehensive list take a look at:

Airline quality Inks to airlines all over the world

6. Safety records

Interested in an airlines safety record? Then there are websites out there that detail of numbers of accidents by airline or by type of plane. These sites also supply additional information such as advice to help with the fear of flying – Presumably many users of these sites suffer from such a problem. 

Airsafe Covers accidents by airline or plane type, safety advice and advice on combating the fear of flying.
Airline Safety Records Provides 1-year safety averages, 5-year averages.

Helping you on your journey.

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