Travel Advice

Research before you set off

You might have booked your trip, but the research does not stop there. There are plenty of web sites out there that can help with pre-holiday planning to ensure that you get the most out of your holiday. This article looks at those sites that give you the advice and information you need before setting off.

Price Searching

Travel comparison sites

With so many travel web sites around, there simply isn't time to check each one for the cheapest deals. Comparison sites do the leg work for you by going to various other travel sites and reporting their findings back to you. For hunting the cheapest flights, hotels, car hire etc they are an invaluable time saving tool. This article provides an extensive list of the travel comparison sites out there.

Travel broker sites

Broker sites receive a commission when you buy something from their site. Some will have better deals than others for particular items such as flights or hotels. This article provides an extensive list of broker sites and the services they provide.

Link to sites

To save time when entering details on comparison sites, you may want to consider using what I call a “link to“ site. These sites ask you to enter details for the flight you are looking for, and then they give you links to a variety of different search providers which when clicked will be automatically populated with the search info you entered. This saves you entering the same search info on different comparison sites. This article details “link to“ sites and what they cover.


Travel insurance

Travel insurance is rarely at the top of your list when planning a holiday, but it shouldn't be something that is forgotten either. In the main it's simple and surprisingly cheap to buy a policy these days. This article looks at the best ways to make sure you have travel insurance in place.

Travel money

These days there are lots of options for obtaining and carrying travel money. Many people will rely on their cards, but don’t discount the other options. Cash is still welcome and in less traveled areas it is possibly the only option. This article looks at your travel money options.